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Hey what’s up guys.

John here, Founder of

And in this video,
I want to share a great strategy for you to build your e-mail list faster.

And the best thing is that you’re going to be building not only your list super fast,
but it’s going to be with high quality prospects.
You’re going to get awesome people that are going to join your list.

And this strategy is all about creating a mini course,
something of value,
and then giving it away,
in someone else’s course.

So that person whoever you give it to,
they could for example,
even tell their audience that,
hey, when they purchase their product,
they’re also going to get access to this bonus.

Let’s say you create an entire course,
and you go to parties,
and you say you know what,
just give it away,

You can give it away to your people.
So now, they can even position that as a bonus if they want to.
Otherwise they will have it as a bonus for their members.

So now you are building a list of buyers,
and that is extremely powerful
because you know that those guys are interested in that topic,
you know that they are proven buyers,
they have just purchased something,
and now, you are inside that course,
you’re instantly positioned as an expert.

And now,
they can simply register to get, for example, your course.
So the way it would work is very simple.
They simply will click a button or a link,
they go to a private registration page,
where they can simply create an account,
and now, they can get access to your own online course and get access 100% for free,
but it’s totally cool,
because now, you just built a list of buyers.

Alright guys,
So test it out,
check it out,
see how it works for you.

Thanks all for watching.
Have a great day.
Take care. Bye bye.

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