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Hey what’s up guys, John here.
Founder of

And in this video,
I want to share a great tip that you can use to bump your conversions,
get more sales,
and get more money.

And that’s all about using order bumps.

What’s an order bump?
It’s basically on the order page.
They are going to purchase one product, right?
They went there, they’re ready, they want to purchase that specific product.
What you can do,
you can offer a bump, an order bump,
which is basically letting them know,
hey, do you want to add this for this amount extra?
And that’s it.

The only thing that they need to do, is to check a box,
when they do, that amount will be added to the original amount.
And now is going to bump the value of your offer.
Obviously increase the price and that is how you’ll easily make more sales.

So test it out,
check it out,
add that to your order pages.
Think about how you can add a little bump to your order page to increase the value of your offers.

Alright guys. Thanks all for watching.
Have a great day.
Take care. Bye bye.

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