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Hey what’s up guys.
John here, Founder of

And today, I want to share a great strategy that you can use
whenever someone just purchase one of your products.
You want to make sure that they become a loyal customer.
You want to make sure that they love your stuff.
Then do this strategy.

This is something that I learned from James Schramko.
Amazing marketer,
check him out,

I learned a lot,
ton of things from James. He’s the man, right?
So one thing that James does and I do now all the time
is to basically create a custom private video whenever someone purchase any of your products.

They buy something,
you get maybe notified via e-mail.
Boom! create a thank you video,
a welcome video,
you on camera like that, nice and easy,
take your iPhone, take your mobile device,] your android, whatever it is,
create a quick video.

Basically mention their name in that video, for example,
hey, Rob thanks a lot for buying X Y Z product.
I know you’re going to love it,
you’re going to learn this, this and that.
Remember that we are here for you,
if you need any help, contact the support team. This is their details.

All of that stuff,
and you’re basically creating a private video.
It’s awesome.
Your members will love it and now they will feel that,
you know what, you are a real person,
you really care about them,
and you are there to help them get results.

So test it out.
Check it out.
See how it works for you.

Thanks all for watching.
Have a great day.
Take care. Bye bye.

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