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Hey, what’s up guys John here, founder of, and in this video, I’m going to show you an awesome campaign that you can use whenever you want to promote a new course, a new membership site or whenever you are releasing one of your existing courses and you want to maximize your sales / maximize your profits.

This campaign works really well. It’s proven to work. It has been battle-tested in multiple different markets and niches.

And The reason it works so well is because it’s value based.

It’s all about providing a massive amount of value upfront, and then simply inviting your audience to take the next logical step, which is to get more results with your online course or membership site (if you have a subscription based business).

Now, in this video, I’m going to break down the whole campaign. I’m going to show you exactly how it works, step by step.

I’ll show you the emails you need to send and the pages that you need setup.

And the best part is, I’m going to show you how to do this very fast with In fact with it only takes one click and you have the whole campaign set up.

Alright, guys. I’m going to jump in the computer right now, and walk you through the whole campaign step by step.

Alright, awesome so today we’re going to be talking about the live launch campaign.

So It’s very simple. Three free videos and then one sales video where you’re inviting them to take the next step.

And that’s why this campaign is so powerful. You are going to be offering a lot of value upfront before asking for the sale.

You’re going to be teaching, you’re going to be helping people get specific results. You’re going to destroy myths. You’re going to show them how to avoid costly mistakes. And by doing this, you are of course, providing value.

Now, to make this campaign successful you’ll need a few components. Number One, Of course, you need to have your own online course, or your own membership site.

Okay, awesome. Now that you have your online course and your membership site has been created, it’s time to release it. This campaign is perfect to launch your new course or your new membership site to the market.

And like I said, The reason is because you are going to be providing a lot of value upfront, but you are also going to be building a lot of anticipation for your new product.

As you provide value, as you help your audience upfront, they will get to know you, will get to like and more importantly will get to trust you.

You’re going to be engineering massive goodwill and that will ultimately help you increase your conversions and make more sales.

That’s why this campaign is awesome because by the time they reach the last video in the series, you don’t have to do any “selling”. You’ll simply invite them to take the next step.

You simply need to say, “Hey, I hope you enjoyed my three videos. If you want more results, if you are serious about getting better results, then this is what I have for you. Here is the name of the course or here is the name of the membership site. This is what it is. This is what it will do for you and this is what you need to do next. Click on the button to order.”

That’s it, nice and easy. That way, you don’t have to be salesy at all. You don’t have to resort to any shenanigans or any trick.

You are simply letting them know, “Hey, if you want more results, this is for you.”

Alright, now let’s walk through the entire campaign step by step.

As you can see, you have the free video series right here. You’ll send an email to your audience whenever you release a new video. It’s a very simple email nothing complicated.

Then at the end of the campaign you’ll open registration for your product and you’ll tell your audience about it by sending a few emails.

I like to keep the registration short so I usually recommend doing a four day open.

That’s it, nice and easy. You are sending some emails and those emails are linking to the sales page where they get all the information they need to purchase your product.

When they click on the buy button, they go to the order page. When they purchase, they go to the thank you page.

When the campaign is over, you close the cart and it’s over. Anyone who tries to access the sales page is going to get redirected to the close page instead.

That’s it, that’s the entire campaign. It’s very simple.

You have the free video series. Which is just Three pages. They look exactly the same.

They have a video where you’ll provide value and you can also have some facebook comments at the bottom of the video.

During the free workshop, You are engaging with your audience. You are creating that community. You are creating that discussion. The more comments you get the more social proof you can build. That’s it.

You help your audience first and then you simply invite them to take the next step.

Now, what you can do, you can protect these pages and linked them to what we call an opt-in page.

That way anyone who is NOT already in your email list, well they will reach the opt-in page first so they can join your email list.

When they optin, they are going to be added to your emailing system and they are going to reach the first video in the series.

If you want to promote a new online course or you want to re-release one of your existing online courses this campaign is perfect.

Alright, so let’s go over the campaign blueprint step by step and I’ll show you how everything works.

The first page is the opt-in page.

The opt-in page is there to help you build your email list and grow your audience.

You could link to that opt-in page from your blog for example.

Here’s how it looks like, very simple proven to work template.

It has been used in many, many different markets and it works.

That’s it. That’s all you do. By the way, a little tip if you wanted to change this opt-in form, instead of using an inline form, where users see the optin form when they land on the page, you could change this to a 2 step optin instead.

Very simple with, you click one button and now you have a 2 step optin page.

The difference with a 2 step optin is that when someone lands on the page they just see a button. When they click the button, a pop up opens where they can then enter their details.

This has shown to increase conversions, so test it out if you want. Dead easy with

So that’s the opt-in page. When someone enters their detail in the opt-in page, they are going to be added to your email system and they are now going to reach video one.

Let’s have a look at the free video series pages.

Video one, Video two and Video three pages all look the same.

As always very clean layout.

We have the launch menu on top and as you can see all the videos are there in the navigation.

It says coming soon because that is how they are currently setup in the booster Launch Menu. You can easily change that and manage your launch menu with a few clicks of your mouse.

Here are the elements of the page. You can have a headline on top. Below the headline, you’ll have your video.

The video can automatically play.

Below the video you can have different things such as extra content and you can ask them to leave you a comment below.

You could ask them to Let you know what was their biggest take away from the video. Something like that.

If you are offering resources as part of your training you could easily have links to pdf downloads, whatever you want.

And at the bottom of the page you can have Facebook comments.

So that’s it, very simple page. A menu on top, a video and then Facebook comments.

Now let’s check out the sales page.

That’s how the page looks like. On top there is a warning section letting your visitors know that this offer will expire soon. You can easily tweak the countdown timer and select the date you want.

Email countdowm timers are very powerful, you can easily add them to your emails and they will helps you add urgency and scarcity. This means, more people will click on your emails, which means more people will visit your sale page, and more people will ultimately buy.

The sale page can be very simple.

Just a headline, a video and then the buy button.

When they click on the buy button, they are then going to reach the order page right there.

When they submit their details, they’ll reach the thank you page.

Let’s have a look at those pages…

So Here is the order page, you can tweak it. You can add videos. You can add anything you want.

When they purchase, they will land on the thank you page, it looks like this. Let’s open it up.

Very clean template. This is one I use very often.

If you wanted to you could add a video welcoming your new members. It’s totally up to you.

Now, if someone goes to the page late, for example after the deadline, you can easily redirect them to the close page.

The close page looks like this, very simple, it simply says “Sorry, registration is now closed.”

You could of course also add a waiting list link if you wanted to.

Anyone who tries to go there will be instantly redirected to the close page.

That’s how you do it. When the offer expires, you simply redirect them there.

Then the next thing you need to do, is to simply write your emails.

And you can easily do this in advance and schedule them ahead of time in your emailing system of choice.

For The emails, keep them simple. No need to over-complicate this. Simply tell them, “Hey, I just created a brand new video for you. You’re going to learn this. This is why it’s important and when you watch it you’re going to be able to do this and get this result.” Something like that, very casual and give them the link.

They go there. They watch the video. They get value, you are helping them out. They’re going to comment. You’re going to build that community.

Then a few days later, you send another email linked to video two. Again, “Hey guys, thanks a lot for the comments. I created this other video and I’m answering these other questions. In this second video I’m helping you out with this other thing.” That’s it, nice and easy.

Repeat this process for the third video.

As you deliver value during the free video series, you’ll also remind them that these videos are part of a free workshop that you’re doing because you are releasing a new product or because you’re going to have a special offer coming up soon.

You kind of want to tease them about that.

In video three, you’ll provide value but you also want to start answering some questions about your upcoming online course. “Hey, I got a few questions about my new online course. Here I’m going to answer some of them. By the way, I’m going to open the doors very soon, so keep an eye on your email inbox.”

Very casual, there is no need to over complicate this. Let them know that your offer will be open for a limited time only.

If you have a guarantee then, “Yes, there is going to be a money back guarantee. I’ll tell you more about it in the next days. Keep an eye on your email inbox.” That’s it.

A few days later, you’ll send some emails,

The first one is the Open. “Hey, we are live. Here is the link. Go here to find out more.” that is the gist of it.

When they click, they’ll land on the sales page. You tell them all about your online course.

You could say, “Hey, if you enjoyed the free videos that I’ve delivered over the past days, you’re going to love my online course. This is what it is. This is what it will do for you and this is what you need to do next. Click on the buy button below.”

When they do, they can then purchase your online course or get access to your membership site.

You can use this campaign for any kind of offer. You can sell digital products. You can sell physical products. You can do services. Whatever you want, you can really use this strategy to sell anything you want.

Then in day #2 send an email maybe answering some questions. That’s what I like to do in day two.

In day three, it’s basically, “Hey, I have a new bonus.” You could talk about some extra bonuses that you have.

Then on the last day is simply, “Hey guys, I just wanted to remind you that it is going to end. It ends tonight.” That’s it.

On the last day you could have another email later in the day saying, “Hey guys, there is only a few hours left.”

You don’t need to be pushy. You don’t need to be salesy. You’re simply letting them know it’s open, it’s live, you’re answering questions, you’re giving a bonus and then you’re reminding them, “Hey guys, today is the last day.”

And remember before that you provided a lot, a lot of value. You’ve helped them out upfront. If they want to take the next step, that’s cool. Here is what it is and this is how they can get access.

When you’re done, you close the cart and the campaign is over.

Ok awesome

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