Here is a great Interview by James Schramko from with Stevie Dillon from In this episode they discuss How To Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Online Course Business and how Stevie has been using to launch her membership site.

Episode highlights:

01:36 – From legal worker to course maker
04:39 – At a crossroads
07:03 – Bundling it all into a course
08:57 – The all-in-one course solution
13:01 – A biased question
17:19 – When people come to Stevie
22:24 – Post-launch optimization
23:59 – How a podcast proved life-changing
26:57 – Other work beside the course
28:05 – Some low-hanging fruit
31:02 – What works on a dry platform
33:15 – Where Facebook is at now
38:31 – What about Pinterest?

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