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Hey what’s up guys, John here.
Founder of

And today I want to share something that you should absolutely do,
whenever you are starting out,
whenever you have a new online product.
You have a new product, a new service, a new offer,
that you’re promoting to the marketplace.

The number one thing that you want to do,
besides obviously helping your customers get results,
is to collect testimonials and case studies.
Ideally, you want to collect a video testimonial.

And the reason is because,
whenever you have a video testimonial, you can then do everything else.
You can do a text testimonial,
you can do an image testimonial from that video, right?
So you can do an audio testimonial because you have everything you need with that video.

Now the cool thing is,
doing a video testimonial is actually super easy.
Everybody can do one with their iPhone like I’m doing right now,
I’m using my iPhone to record this video.
You can ask your members to do that

And a great framework that you can give to them,
is to basically ask them to do a video that has four parts.

Number one is basically the intro,
where basically they simply introduce themselves.
They basically say their name,
maybe where they’re from,
maybe they are the owner of a business,
they can say that, that’s totally cool.

Number two,
how things were before using your product or service, right?
So before that, I was struggling with this, this and that.

Number three,
how is it now that they are using your products and services.
Well now, everything’s so easy, so much easier.
It’s simple and I’m getting results,
and this is what the result I got,
etcetera, etcetera.

And then number four is simply the call to action,
Where, hey, if you are thinking about getting this product or service,
I highly recommend it.

That’s all they need to say,
super short,
one to two minutes
and they are done.

So this is something that you can do,
you can create a quick video like I’m doing now.
Teaching them how to create that video testimonial.
And you want to make sure that in your funnels whenever they become a member,
you want make sure you have a reminder.
One month, two months,
after they have they became a member, to remind them that,
hey if you love this stuff you’ve gotten results, let me know, and basically you simply ask them to send you that video testimonial.

You could even give them a discount on something else,
you can give them a bonus if you want them,
you can help them out,
motivate them to send you that video testimonial.

Alright guys,
so test it out,
check it out,
see how it works for you.

Thanks all for watching.
Have a great day.
Take care. Bye bye.

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