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Hey what’s up guys.
John Lint here, Founder of

And in this video,
I want to talk about one of the secrets to crushing it as an affiliate.

This is something that people don’t do,
most people don’t do when they are getting started,
when they want to try tomake some money online as an affiliate,
which is a great thing when you’re starting out, totally cool,
and even when you have a business, it’s perfect to start,
you know adding extra income by promoting affiliate offer.

So nothing wrong with affiliate,
it’s awesome, we love it, right?
But there is a right way to do it, and a wrong way to do it.
And the mistake that most people make as an affiliate,
is that they do not capture their traffic.

What do I mean by that?
Well most people when they get started as an affiliate,
they tried to maybe for example do an ad on Facebook
or maybe optimize something and they’re bringing traffic and which is a great thing,
but they are basically driving traffic to the offer directly to the sales page.

But what happens with that?
Well, the reality is that even if it’s an awesome sales page,
its going to convert maybe max at 5 percent, 7 percent.
I mean let’s say 10 percent even though will be crazy, right?
10 percent conversion. Okay that’s cool.

But that means that 90 percent of people left,
and now there’s no way for you to follow up with them.
There’s no way for you to, you know, maybe promote other offers that might be more interesting to them, right?
It’s like you have a one shot,
only one shot to success and to succeed,
and you don’t want that, right?

You want to maximize your chances of success and you want to be able to follow up because the money is in the follow up,
you know, and basically telling people,
okay this might not be for you,
maybe you’re going to like that.

So what you need to do,
always capture your traffic first.
So whatever you’re doing,
whenever you’re driving traffic,
make sure you’re sending that traffic to a page that is going to offer something cool,
something that’s going to solve someone’s problem, right?

Because that’s our job,
our job is to solve other people’s problems as an expert, right?
We are offering the solutions,
we are offering the shortcuts,
and we want to make sure that they can solve their problems
because that’s what people will buy, right?

And what you want to do,
you want to offer something free,
free that they can just get by basically giving you their contact details which is name and e-mail or just their e-mail, and that’s it.

And now you’re building your list,
you’re building your audience,
and you know it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to be the face of the business
or you don’t want to be like you know, an expert, that’s fine.
You know you can use your name,
or you can use a business name,
or basically a pen name,
that’s fine, people do that.

But you’re building that list, you’re building that audience
because now you can follow up with them,
you can provide content,
you can build basically that,
you can nurture that audience,
and you can introduce yourself, all of that stuff.

Now they get to know you,
they get to like you,
and now you can basically promote other offers,
offers that are going to be right for them.

Alright guys, so remember that,
whenever you’re doing affiliate marketing,
it’s raining now, it’s like starting to rain like crazy.
So always capture your traffic.

Alright guys. Thanks all for watching.
Have a great day.
Take care. Bye bye.

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