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your participation in our affiliate program indicates your acceptance of our affiliate agreement. 10XPRO.io affiliate agreement can be found here: https://www.10xpro.io/affiliate-agreement

In addition here are some rules we expect every partner to follow when promoting our products.

+ You agree that you cannot earn a commission by purchasing products from Company using your own affiliate link.

+ You agree to comply with all laws regarding SPAM, including, but not limited to the CAN-SPAM act.

+ You agree to comply with the revised FTC guidelines on testimonials and affiliate endorsements.

+ You agree not to use any intellectual property of our Company unless you receive explicit permission. For example you cannot use a domain such as 10xproReview.com. You must instead use your own domain name for example YouDomain.com/10xpro is ok for you to use.

If you do no agree or do not follow these rules, please do not apply or promote our programs, your commissions will not be paid.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the commission?
40% recurring commissions on the 10XPRO.io renewals. You get paid as long as they remain a member.

You can also get 10% commission on the sales generated by affiliates you referred with our level 2 commissions.

Membership is $197/Month minimum so you'll make $78.8 per sale on Level 1 and $19.7 on level 2.

Q: How are commissions paid?

A: Commissions are paid monthly via Paypal

Q: When are commissions paid?
A: Affiliate payments will be made every 15th of the month for commissions generated the month-2. For Example all commissions for sales generated in September will be paid on November 15. This is to accommodate for the 30 days money back guarantee and accounting process.

Q: What is 10XPRO.io?
A: In a nutshell, it's a new and exclusive ALL-In-One online platform that gives you everything you need to make money online without ever getting bogged down by tech. Check out all the features on our home page here >

Q: What results can I expect?
A: It will depend on your audience and how responsive they are. Instead of splashing this page with some hyped up numbers...

Here is a some feedback of a little campaign we just ran (4 day campaign - 1 email per day)

Email Open Rate: 27.36%
Email Click Rate: 9.89%
Sale Conversion Rate: 7.89%
Recurring Commission: 40% ($78.8 per member per month)

Page visits: 672
Sales: 53
Revenue: $10,441 / Month
EPC: $15.53

You get paid as long as they remain a member!

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